Dr. Grubb Achieves Success in 14 Year Old Child with POTS

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Please read Danielle’s story, Dr. Grubb’s clinic gives children their lives back! Thank you Dr. Grubb, you also gave me my life back!

“Just wanted to let Dr. Grubb know that Danielle Whiting who is one of his POTS kids went back to school for the first time in 6yrs today. Danielle is 14yrs old, she will be 15 in November. She has been ill for 6yrs and has been doing online school since the end of her 3rd grade year when she became to ill to attend brick and mortar school. She started 9th grade this year and is attending our local high school for 5 hours and doing the other 3 hrs at home online through our school system. Danielle also was using a wheel chair most of last year because she was so ill and weighed only 67lbs. She now is it a healthy weight and has done physical therapy with a therapist who was knowledgeable in POTS and has put the wheel chair in the basement. She is on a tube feed because the only stubborn symptom she is still having trouble with is the nausea. It is getting somewhat better, she just can’t eat that much. Good progress.”

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