Dr. Blair Grubb is a Professor of Medicine and Director of Electrophysiology at the University of Toledo Medical Center. Dr. Grubb is a world-renowned cardiologist whose expertise in syncope (unexplained and unpredictable fainting), leads people from across the United States and around the world to The University of Toledo Medical Center seeking compassionate and leading edge treatment.

Dr. Grubb has been on the faculty of the University of Toledo for over 25 years and had been a leader in identifying P.O.T.S. (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) The nature of P.O.T.S is such that is takes an especially dedicated physician to provide the very best care that each patient deserves. Dr. Grubb has found that sharing anecdotes, sentiments an snippets from his 29 years in medicine brings him closer to his patients.

He takes the time to understand the unique circumstances of every patient that he sees. He approaches his patients as individual human beings, not as a case or a disease. This dedication to his patients combined with his commitment to research has created new approaches to the treatment of syncope earning Dr. Grubb the nationally significant Patients’ Choice Award year after year. A faculty member at the University of Toledo Heart & Vascular Center since 1988, Dr. Grubb is a professor of medicine and pediatrics in the College of Medicine. He is truly an Angel in a white coat.

Blair Grubb, MD
Director of Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
Program Director of Clinical Autonomic Disorders Center


All patients deserve their physician’s time, attention and respect. All patients deserve the best. The goal of the Virginia Lounsbury Foundation for POTS Research and the University of Toledo Medical Center is to assist Dr. Grubb in his P.O.T.S. research.
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